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Motivate students, keep high levels of engagement, increase attendance, productivity and happiness

Our in-chat platform helps top educators to supercharge distance learning
in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

The superpower

of praise in class

Effective classroom
Disruptive behaviour
“The impact of behavior-specific praise on student engagement.”
Study by Evelyn Patricia Gutiérrez showed significant decrease in disruptive behavior    
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Why schools love Karma

‘’As our school closed for lockdown, we quickly moved to the Microsoft Teams platform to continue teaching and learning. We needed a way to give the students praise the same way that they would receive it in the classroom. We give Karma for attending lessons on time, returning assignments and active engagement on the teaching platform.’’
‘‘Students are working harder to get Karma points. The dashboard is visible to all students, which encourages everyone to get on the board but more importantly, work towards the school values to achieve karma points, which in turn means that our students are learning!’’
‘’Our students are loving it, and compete for points by turning up for lessons and doing their work! We have found Karma Bot invaluable to our success for keeping our students engaged with teaching and learning. Support is fast, friendly and we are very pleased with this product!’’
‘’We have found a way to encourage students to engage with learning in an online classroom. With input from all our teachers, we created rewards that our students strived for, like a call home from the Head Teacher to let your parents know how well they're doing or an Amazon voucher and many more great rewards. We set our values high for our students to achieve.’’


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Keeping students safe

Safety, data privacy and security matters. Karma complies with strict Microsoft
and Slack requirements. We do not read, copy or store your conversations.

Start achieving academic excellence

Instant feedback
Immediate feedback helps academic performance, promotes motivation,  self-regulation, and self-efficiency, allowing students to reduce the distance between their current performance and desired performance.
Rewarding encourages and endorses school effort, leading to improved outcomes. When rewarded, students conform to appropriate behaviors, raises participation in the everyday classroom tasks, responsibilities and learning.
Karma’s customisable Values feature makes it easier to recognize and promote school values, rewarding values-centric behaviors, incorporating the values into everyday life.
The dashboard captures traces of learning activities, promoting awareness, reflection, and sense-making, enabling both students and teachers to define goals and track progress toward these goals.
A simple and straightforward achievement system
to motivate students and keep track of their success.
Continuous feedback
Run weekly surveys to track changes in performance and morale in your class.


  • Single user karma requests
  • Multiple user karma requests
  • Group karma requests
  • Dashboard
  • Performance reports and analytics
  • Karma feed
  • Student profiles with actionable insights
  • Quarterly/monthly dashboard period
  • Customisable roles and permissions
  • Single installation per organization
  • Customisable approval mode: auto or manual

Let’s play a game of Karma

Select practices that help to champion effective academic engagement

Use praising and recognition
Provide immediate feedback
Embrace collaborative learning
Encourage students to help each other
Please choose answers above 👆🏻

What we’re changing today to help embrace e-learning

Following an incredible spike in the usage of Karma across educational institutions,
and to help provide a world-class education for anyone,
we introduce the E-learning plan
Karma for Education
  • Introductory discount 75%
  • Less than $5 per user per year
  • Guidance and best practice examples
  • Premium support and on-boarding
  • Better classroom management
No commitment / 30-day free trial / Cancel any time

User rating and reviews

Karoline S
Vice President, People & Culture
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
"Increased Recognition & Happiness"
‘’Working with Karmabot has drastically helped to improve recognition at Mission. We are a company that greatly values work-life balance so we support a remote workforce, whether that’s 100% remote or from time to time as needed…’’
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Administrator in E-Learning
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
"Karma Bot in the classroom"
‘’As our school closed for lockdown, we quickly moved to the Microsoft Teams platform to continue teaching and learning. We needed a way to give the students praise the same way that they would receive it in the classroom…’’
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Kat C
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
"Used for Rewards during remote learning for our school"
‘’This app worked very well with our students. It gave them motivation to carry on through the COVID -19 remote learning. It was quick, efficient and very easy to use and track…’’
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Jackson P
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
"Remote community bound together by Karma"
‘’Giving and receiving karma has gotten more and more intuitive. It's an elegant means of tracking and promoting positive sentiment in our online community…’’
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Yosef Benny W
Frontend Developer
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
"Customer Support Response"
‘’Customer support response was great! Also, they received suggestions with an open minded…’’
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Praise is a very effective classroom
management tool

Training educators to increase their use of praise drastically improves student behaviour and on-task focus
An extensive study shows positive effect of praise towards increase in focus. A positive linear relationship was evident, showing that the higher the teachers' PRR, the higher the students' on-task behaviour percentage
  • 3 years observing
  • 2,536 students
  • 151 classes
  • 19 schools
  • 3 US states
  • Age 5-12 years

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